August 4, 2021

Visus Therapeutics has more than doubled its team in the past two years, including the appointment of six senior leaders in June. CEO Ben Bergo grew that team as the company’s lead product, Brimochol, a prescription eye drop designed to correct near vision loss caused by presbyopia, approached data readouts in Phase II clinical trials.

As Visus prepares to move into Phase III studies later this year, OIS Podcast host Ehsan Sadri, MD, caught up with Ben to talk business and Brimochol.

Of the former, Ben shared how his career has progressed from spinning out technologies for Harvard to leading M&A transactions for Planet Innovation to founding a company dedicated to eye health.

Of the latter, Ben details Brimochol’s strong performance at eight and 12 hours. The product uses a combination of two active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs): 2.75% carbachol and 0.1% brimonidine tartrate, with 100 ppm BAK. Visus also has a preservative-free formulation in development that does not include BAK.

Listen to the podcast to discover:
• How Brimochol’s API combo achieves such durable response.
• The market potential for presbyopia treatment and how telemedicine can help grow that market.
• Other products planned for the Visus pipeline, including wound-healing leads in preclinical studies.
• More about Ben’s career trajectory, which took him from sunny Melbourne, Australia, to less-sunny Seattle. He also gives advice for emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Click “play” to listen.