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Herb Kaufman, MD, age 26

That Visus Therapeutics’ lead product candidate, BRIMOCHOL, was developed by Dr. Herb Kaufman, a celebrated researcher and inventor in ophthalmology, is noteworthy. He is perhaps best known for discovering and developing the world’s first antiviral drug for the treatment of virus infection, which led to the introduction of the combination of steroid and antiviral therapy for stromal keratitis in 1962. This achievement was followed by more than 15 research discoveries over his lifetime, which significantly advanced patient care in ophthalmology and beyond. After retiring from LSU in 2008 from his role as Emeritus Boyd Professor of Ophthalmology and Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, instead of basking in retirement life, Dr Kaufman quietly led a research initiative along with one of his former fellows that would eventually culminate in the development of BRIMOCHOL.

Herb Kaufman, MD: A Lifetime of Landmark Innovations in Ophthalmology and Beyond

Developed world's first antiviral drug effective for treatment of virus infection.

Introduced combination of steroid/antiviral therapy for stromal keratitis.

Determined that epithelial healing problems are due to hemidesmosomal defects.

Introduced trifluridine, the most effective antiviral to date.

First to successfully cryopreserve corneas suitable for cornea transplantation.

Developed use of pimaricin (natamycin) for treatment of fungal keratitis.

Recognized glaucoma after corneal transplantation.

Introduced bandage soft contact lenses and first studied clinical use.

Made modern eye banks possible. Introduced method of removing cornea and placing it in nourishing solution (McCarey-Kaufman Medium), and then in Optisol.

Co-developed clinical specular microscope with William Bourne, MD.

Determined cause of endothelial damage associated with IOL insertion and introduced use of viscoelastics.

Helped develop the clinical confocal microscope.

Introduced and first studied timolol for treatment of glaucoma.

Developed an early refractive surgery, epikeratophakia.

Helped develop excimer laser refractive surgery with Marguerite McDonald, MD.

Introduced use of collagen shields for drug delivery to cornea.

Used Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to become the first to confirm ubiquity of herpes shedding.

Developed drug delivery ring for prolonged drop-free dosing.

Patented the combination of carbachol and brimonidine tartrate (BRIMOCHOL) for the treatment of presbyopia.

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