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While our team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences, one trait we all have in common is what we call the Visus “spark.” It’s a spirit of collaboration that celebrates different perspectives and ignites creativity and innovation in everything we do. It's woven into our culture to attract like-minded professionals who are motivated to advance medicine and develop their careers.

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With officies in Seattle and Orange County, Visus is home to our lead clinical candidate, BRIMOCHOL™ (carbachol + brimonidine tartrate), an eye drop being evaluated to correct the loss of near vision associated with presbyopia.

At Visus Therapeutics, we know that our people are the driving force behind the success of our mission and vision. That’s why we aim to offer competitive employee benefits to attract the very best talent to our team:

With two offices in beautiful West Coast locations, Seattle, Washington and Orange County, California, we offer a warm, inclusive, and vibrant atmosphere in which our employees thrive.

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