Andy Firpo

Andy Firpo
Vice President of Information Technology

Andy brings over 30 years of information technology experience in a broad range of industries, including from the very large Fortune 10 computer services company (IBM) and Fortune 100 financial services companies (JP Morgan, Washington Mutual); to roles in smaller scientific and clinical research settings (Fred Hutch); to very small design, manufacturing, and supply chain companies (JanSport, Pacific Market International). Andy has delivered in a variety of IT role types, from tactical to strategic, from mergers and acquisitions planning and implementation, to strategy and business partner roles, to several levels of hands-on people-manager roles.

Prior to joining Visus, Andy was Chief of Staff for Infrastructure and Operations at BECU. Between 2012 and 2016, he was Director of IT Customer Services for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, followed by three years as the Senior Strategic IT Business Partner, all of which cemented his cross-disciplinary passion for making technology both available for scientific research and approachable by scientists and patients alike. In all his IT roles, Andy has stayed focused on helping IT teams deliver best-possible customer service outcomes, always finding personal fulfilment in helping people get more value from their computers and systems.

Prior to his IT career, Andy enjoyed two stints in restaurant management and worked as a chef, and five years working in surgery as an anesthesia technician.

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